Rotary Screen Cutter Machine


The Rotary Screen Cutter machine is specially developed for the precise edge-cutting of rotary screens; Excessive handling of rotary screens is a common cause of damage, which can lead to increased costs. Compared to manual cutting.

An efficient and simple and trouble free operation by a single operator.
The screen can be cut to size in less than 1 minute.
Ensuring a subsequent trouble-free gluing of the end-rings.
It is very easy to operate and smooth in running.
The cutting process is Safe for its operators and surrounding environment.
Labor costs are drastically reduced. Employees can perform other tasks Instead of spending hours at the tedious traditional risky method of Screen cutting.
The operator is not liable to injury through open blades or sharp edges.

For cutting of two edges of 1 screen: approx. 1 minute under normal conditions. Theoretical maximum performance: 60 screens / hour

The exact length to be cut is determined by the measuring rod, which ensures the required repeatability by simple stopper tab is set.

Size Available

With a circumference of 640 mm (Other repeat sizes are also available) up to 3.500 mm in length with a wall thickness between 0.08 mm and 0.12 mm.